Deactivating place templates

If you want to limit the templates community users can select, you can activate and deactivate them in the template browser.

You may want to make some templates unavailable to your users. This prevents users from selecting the template from now on but doesn't remove the template from any places where it's already in use.

Note: You need to have community manager rights to deactivate global place templates.

To make templates unavailable to users:

  1. Navigate to a place.
  2. Click Gear icon > Settings, and then click Cancel in the Edit space dialog box to enter the edit view of the place.
  3. Click Browse templates at the top of the place.
  4. Select a template.
  5. Next to the template description, click Deactivate this template.
  6. Click Save.

The template is deactivated and not available for creating places.

To reactivate a deactivated template, you must select Reactivate this template while browsing it. You won't be able to apply the template until you have reactivated it.