Understanding pages in places

If you are a place owner, you can customize the available pages and how these pages look.

Note: To customize a place, you need to own the place or have the right permissions: Manage community (administrative permission) or Manage Social Group (social group permission).

Activity, Overview, and custom pages can be customized for every place in the community. The main difference in the customization means: Activity and custom pages use tiles, while Overview pages use widgets. Place templates, which are customized for specific kinds of collaboration, always use tiles. Tiles use newer technology and are mobile-optimized; widgets cannot be displayed on a mobile device. Note that if you disable the Overview page in a place, you can choose to add additional tile-based custom pages, which let you spread out your content over multiple tabs with less content (and thus better mobile usability).

Activity and custom pages with tiles

Activity and custom pages are responsive in design. That's why you should use Activity or custom pages with tiles if:
  • Your community heavily relies on mobile usage. In this case, you should also configure a community home page for mobile browser users. For more information, see Creating mobile Home page.
  • The audience of your place heavily relies on mobile usage even if the community as a whole is not. For example, many sales teams operate remotely.
  • Streamed content, such as a Chatter or Facebook stream, must be brought into your place from outside the community.
  • Custom pages are available, adding up to five customizable pages with tiles to every place.

For more information about tiles, see Using tiles and Tile reference.

Overview pages with widgets

Important: We do not recommend that you use widgets and widgetized Overview pages in your community.

Even though we do not recommend that, you have the option to enable an Overview page when you're setting up a new place and widgets are enabled in your community.

Widgets are a legacy feature in Jive. Tiles present a better option for landing pages because they are responsive whereas widgets are not. No new development is being done on widgets.

Widgets are disabled by default, but you can activate the Overview page or check to see if you have one by navigating to gear icon > Settings > Advanced Options and selecting Overview page.

Note: You must have widgetized Overview pages enabled in your community. To enable widgets in your community, you need to contact Support. For more information, see Getting started with the new Jive Support Portal on Worx.
Using an Overview page with widgets:
  • You are configuring a community home page for desktop users: it supports only widgets. For more information, see Designing Home page of your community.
  • You need to take advantage of the customer service widgets set.
  • You have an Overview page you created in an earlier version of Jive, and you're not ready to change the look and feel of the place.
  • Your community or the audience of your place doesn't rely heavily on mobile usage.