Enabling Content Translation Service

Once the Content Translation Service is enabled, your community users can translate Jive content without leaving the community.

Your community needs a license for Lionbridge GeoFluent (https://ww1.lionbridge.com/translation-localization-services/), Google Translate (https://cloud.google.com/translate/), or Microsoft Translator (https://translator.microsoft.com/) before you can enable the Content Translation Service.

Remember: Make sure you have your license information from your translation service provider available when you start this enabling process.
Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Settings > Content Translation Service

To enable the Content Translation Service in your community:

  1. In the Admin Console, go to System > Settings > Content Translation Service.
  2. Select Enabled.
  3. In the Service Provider list, select your translation service provider (Lionbridge, Google, or Microsoft).
    Note: The Translation Test Service option is used by Support for troubleshooting. If you do select it, and then select the Translate link in Jive content, the text in your content will be capitalized, if the Content Translation Service is working. Leave the page, refresh the page, or select Undo Translation to reverse it.
  4. Enter the license information that you received from your translation service provider.
    Option Description
    If your service provider is Lionbridge Enter an Account Secret and Account Key.
    If your service provider is Google Enter an Account Key.
    If your service provider is Microsoft (Azure) Enter a Subscription Key.
  5. Click Save.

A Translate link appears in the Actions menu of published content in your community. Your community users can select it to translate user-generated content as described in Translating Content.

Translate link in the Actions menu