Filtering and formatting content

You can use filters and macros to make text changes at run time. You can turn these changes on or off, or to change the settings that control how they work.

Filters and macros have different roles. Here's how they work in general:
  • A filter operates on all of the text in content. So a filter is a good way to perform tasks, such as changing every link URL or looking for particular text throughout a piece of content.
  • A macro is designed to operate on a particular part of the content, such as a particular section of text. For example, a macro formats a link to a blog post with the CSS style reference needed to display the blog icon.
    Note: We no longer refer to these operations as "macros" in the user interface. Many of the macros now appear as selections on the content editor toolbar, for example, a button for setting text color or formatting code. Even so, the Admin Console and developer documentation continue to refer to them as macros.