Installing add-ons

By browsing the Add-on Registry for available add-ons, you can find add-ons that you want to have. You can install these add-ons from the Add-on Registry.

Fastpath: User interface: Your avatar > Add-ons

A user must have at least Manage System permissions to install add-ons.

Note: The Add-ons Registry includes packages that are provided by third-party developers. Jive Software makes no warranty or guarantee about the reliability, performance, quality, or functionality of any third-party software, and any third-party packages you install are therefore provided as is. Use of third-party software is subject to their license or support terms, or both.

To install an add-on:

  1. In the user interface, click on your avatar in the upper right corner, and then click Add-ons.
  2. On the Add-ons tab, select Available to open the All Add-ons: Available page.
  3. Find the add-on you want and click Install.
  4. In the Confirm Install, decide whether you want to preview this add-on or immediately install it in your community:
    Option Description
    Install now Select this to make the feature available to your entire community.
    Preview Select this to make the feature available to you only. Make this selection if you would like to test this feature before making it available to your community.
    Note: If you choose Preview, we recommend that you create a secret group and test the add-on before making it available to everyone, as described in Letting community use your add-on.
  5. Some add-ons that are using API Services or Storage Providers require further configuration after being installed. If the add-on you just installed needs additional configuration, the Settings page opens. Click Configure Now to do that.
    You can access the Settings page from the add-on list.
  6. Change the settings for the add-on.
  7. Click Save and Activate when you finish configuring the add-on.