Cookies in Jive communities

Jive uses HTTP cookies in several places in the application to provide a better user experience. All cookies are necessary for Jive to function properly and it does not support selective acceptance of cookies.


  • Jive does not set third-party cookies as part of the core product offering. However, it is possible for you to configure the application so that third-party cookies are set. For example, you can configure the application to use a web-tracking tool such as Google Analytics, each of which may set a third-party cookie. For the list of the potentially added cookies, see Third-party cookies.
  • Jive does not set the domain attribute of an HTTP cookie.
  • All Jive cookies that are set by the server and not via the client or browser have the HttpOnly flag.
Note: Except where noted, none of the following cookies contains user-identifiable information. This behavior meets European Union privacy laws.

Cookie banner

Jive provides a cookie banner that can be enabled to let users know that Jive uses cookies. All users must then acknowledge and accept cookies usage to continue using Jive. In case they decline it, their current Jive session ends, and they get redirected to a blank page.

Here is how the cookie banner looks like:

For more information, see Configuring Cookie Consent banner.