Localizing email notification templates

Set the email templates for additional languages so that users can receive auto-generated emails in their language.

Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Settings > Message Templates

When you create email templates with the locale specified as part of the file name, Jive automatically shows the localized email content when the user's language and country selection match the specified locale. Note that for languages other than English, you may need to provide several versions of the template to cover all cases where the user sets both the language and the locale within Jive. Users who set a locale that doesn't exactly match the locale specified in the UI see the English template by default.

For example, if you provide only a translated mail_template_fr.xml, only users who set their language to French in their Preferences but don't specify a locale see the translated information. Users who specify French as the language and also specify either France or another place as the locale see the English version. To ensure users who specify French as the language and France as the locale see French-language content, create a second copy of the template called mail_template_fr_FR.xml. To also show French to users who specify Belgium as the locale, provide a third template called mail_template_fr_BE.xml.