Managing place categories

You can create a list of categories for describing places. These categories can be used as a filter when browsing places.

Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Settings > Place Categories

Place categories provide a useful way for community managers to classify places, so users have an easier time finding them when searching and browsing. These categories are created in the Admin Console, and can then be applied to any place in the place settings when creating or editing a place. A community can have up to 12 categories defined.

Note that the place categories are different from the categories used to classify content inside places. For more information, see Managing content categories from Admin Console.

To manage place categories:

  1. In the Admin Console, go to System > Settings > Place Categories.
  2. Create a list of categories by clicking Add a category, typing a category name in the field, and clicking Save.
  3. If you want to hide a category from users who are creating and editing places, click Hide.
    Hiding a category also makes it invisible when browsing by category. If you choose to show the category later, it will become visible again in all these locations.
  4. If you want to delete a category from the list permanently, click Delete.
  5. When your list of categories is the way you want it, click Save to apply your changes.
The changes in place categories are applied to the community site.