Managing storage provider add-ons

The External Storage Framework allows you to create connections to any file storage provider, so users can bidirectionally synchronize updates to a place in Jive and a location on the storage provider.

External Storage integrations let you:
  • Use your storage provider of choice as the back-end binary storage for documents and attachments uploaded into some or all the places in your community.
  • Connect places to folders, sites, or other storage locations on your storage provider.
  • Synchronize permissions between Jive and your storage provider.
  • Synchronize file versions and updates between Jive and your storage provider.
  • Synchronize comments on files between Jive and the storage provider (if comments are available in your storage provider).
  • Limit the integration's availability to specific users and permission groups.
  • Decide whether the external storage provider should be the default location for storing files within a Jive place.

For more information about the external storage add-ons already available in Jive, see Using external file storage.

If you want to integrate your chosen file storage solution with Jive, it's easy to use the External Storage Framework and Jive's APIs to develop a connection to a provider, add it as a Storage Provider, and enable it in your community. Information about what you need to create a storage provider is available on the Jive Developer's Portal and in the Developers space on Worx. For more information about creating and uploading an add-on by using the Registry Console, see Building your own add-ons.