Managing Content Translation service

The Content Translation service integrates with Lionbridge GeoFluent, Google Translate, and Microsoft Translator to allow your community members to translate user-generated content in your Jive community.

Note: To turn on this functionality, contact Support.

Your community needs a license for Lionbridge GeoFluent (, Google Translate (, or Microsoft Translator ( before you can enable the Content Translation Service. Once the Content Translation Service is enabled, your community members can translate user-generated content by clicking the Translate link in the Actions menu of published Jive content. For more information on enabling the service, see Enabling Content Translation Service.

Restriction: Translation is available for all content except Inbox items.

Translation FAQs:

What languages are available for translation?
It depends on which translation service provider you use (Lionbridge, Google, or Microsoft). Languages that are available from your provider will be available in your Jive community.
I don't think the translations are accurate. Can you fix this?
The Content Translation Service integrates with your service provider to make translated content available in Jive. Please contact your translation service provider (Lionbridge, Google, or Microsoft) for help with unexpected translations.
I want to translate the Jive application itself into another language. How do I do this?
The Content Translation Service is for translating user-generated content only, but Jive has already been translated into a number of languages that you can use. If you would like to use Jive in another language, change your language settings, as described in Supported languages.
My translation service provider charges on a per-word basis. How can I manage these costs in my community?
Encourage your community members to translate only the content they need. The Translate link at the top of a page translates the user-generated content on the page, but not the comments. If you need just one comment translated, use the Translate link in the Actions menu of the comment instead.
Tip: To manage per-word translation costs, you can disable the Content Translation Service in your community temporarily and enable it again when you are ready, as described in Disabling Content Translation Service and Enabling Content Translation Service.
What is the Translation Test Service option in the Service Provider list?
The Translation Test Service option is used by Support for troubleshooting. If you do select it, and then select the Translate link in Jive content, the text in your content will be capitalized, if the Content Translation Service is working. Leave the page, refresh the page, or select Undo Translation to reverse it.