Setting up user registration moderation

You can set up moderation for new user registrations if you've set up the application to allow people to register on their own. A community manager or system administrator enables both user registration and moderation for new registration requests.

Fastpath: Admin Console: People > Settings > Registration Settings

To set up new user registration moderation:

  1. In the Admin Console, go to People > Settings > Registration Settings.
  2. Select Allow users to create their own account to allow users to create their own account from the login page.

    For more information, see Configuring self-service user registration.

  3. Under Security > Registration Moderation, select Enabled to turn on the moderation feature for all new user registrations.
  4. To limit registration moderation to the email address from the blacklisted domains, select Only for addresses matching the blacklisted domain list.

    The Blacklisted Domains section contains the list of untrustworthy domains. To block or moderate all addresses from a domain, use an asterisk before the domain, for example, *

  5. To entirely block registrations from the blacklisted domains, select Always block registrations from blacklisted domains under Blacklisted Domains.

With the moderation enabled, you should make sure that you have designated global moderators. The application sends new user registration moderation requests to that users first. If you don't have one, the application sends the request to the Full Access users. For more information about moderator roles, see Moderator roles.

Moderating new user registrations

If you are the moderator for new user registration, you approve or decline new registration requests. When someone submits a new registration, you see a moderation alert in the user interface when you click the button next to your avatar.

To approve or decline a user registration:

  1. Go to > Moderation.

    You can see the moderation request or requests.

  2. On the Moderation Pending Items page, click the person's name > View in Context to view their profile page with the information they entered.
  3. Next to the request, select Approve or Reject. If you reject, you can enter your reason before finishing.
  4. Click Save All Changes to apply the decision.