Enabling new features in your community

Some releases may include features that may or may not become part of the community features. You can enable or disable these features from the Admin Console.

Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Settings > New Features

We've added the following options to the New Features page.

Simplified Admin Console
Jive now includes the option to use a simpler admin console that we've redesigned based on real-world feedback from Jive community managers. With the Simplified Admin Console enabled, you see only the typically required settings grouped together in a more intuitive way.
Image Browse and Collections
Jive places now include an Images page where users can view images and organize them into collections to share with other community members. Place owners are also able to save and display collections for place members to view and share later. This feature is enabled by default, but you can disable it.
Group Membership Evolution
With this option enabled, social groups more closely reflect customer usage of group membership, as follows:
  • Open groups have been renamed to Public.
  • Public groups no longer have a concept of joining or invitation. All content in them is open for viewing and editing, unless any content item has been individually restricted.
  • Members Only groups have been renamed to Public (Restricted).
  • Public (Restricted) groups now allow non-members to create discussions, questions, and ideas, and to reply or comment on any content in the group. However, they cannot invite new members or create any other content types.
  • Members have the additional ability to invite more members, and to create all allowed content types.
  • Private groups have the same name and functionality as before.
  • Secret groups have been renamed to Private (Unlisted).
  • The group creation workflow has been changed to reflect the broader categories of Public and Private, with additional subtype selection.
  • The new naming conventions be reflected in place browsing and search.
Events Browse
With Events Browse enabled, places include an Events page where users can view a listing of the place's events, as well as filter them by tag, category, type, and date to view related events together. This feature is enabled by default, but you can disable it.
Profile Evolution
With Profile Evolution enabled, you see more relevant information at a glance. You see an optional banner at the top of your profile page now. Photos are now down the page in a Photos section. Your avatar is now your profile image. For more details, see the Onboarding Guide for this release on Worx.
Keywords in Content URLs
With this feature enabled, words from the title field of any newly created or updated content item are included as keywords in the content URL. This change improves SEO for Jive-x communities. Original title keywords are always used in the title no matter how much you edit the title. If you want to change the original title and keywords in the content URL, you need to delete the content item and create a new one.
Note: After enabling Keywords in URLs you need to edit and then save existing content for it to begin using keywords in its URLs. Links to the original URLs continue to work.
HTML5 Document Previews
With this feature enabled, you can see document previews for uploaded files without using Flash. This feature supports the following formats: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF.
Note: HTML5 previews do not currently support inline comments or document search.