SAML identity providers

Jive can be integrated with a wide variety of SAML IdPs.

Commonly used IdPs

Jive regularly tests SAML support with integrations to the following IdPs:

Microsoft ADFS
This is the most common SSO provider used by our customers. For more information, see at the Microsoft portal.
This is the open-source standard for IdPs. For more information, see

We can typically assist with configuration for these providers. Troubleshooting assistance for other IdP integrations is available through Jive Professional Services.

Configuring IdPs for SSO

Certain IdPs require special configuration before you can set up SAML SSO.

The following list describes some known configuration prerequisites for specific IdPs.

Note: We do not provide a complete description of required IdP configuration for your identity provider.


Set the expected digital signature to SHA-1
ADFS expects the digital signature to be SHA-256, but Jive sends it as SHA-1. To change this expectation, go to the Advanced tab of your Relying Party Trusts profile and set the secure hash algorithm to SHA-1.


Use the Jive entityID as the Siteminder profile name
Typically, the Jive entityID, which is set by using the Base metadata URL in the Advanced tab of your SAML SSO settings, is the same as the jiveURL.