Security recommendations

These security recommendations depend on your community-specific configuration.

Each community can be configured differently. Because of this, not all of these recommendations apply to all communities. If you have any questions about these recommendations, please contact your Jive Software representative.
Security recommendation Description
Configure user login security Login security can include throttling, captcha, and password strength requirements.

For implementation details, see Configuring Login settings and Configuring self-service user registration.

Enable SSO An SSO on solution can help you provide a consistent login experience for your users while providing identity management for your organization via a third-party vendor. Jive Software strongly recommends using a single sign-on solution for access to internal communities. In addition to the out-of-the-box SSO options in the application, our Professional Services team can create customizations to meet almost any single sign-on requirement.

For implementation details, see Single Sign-On, or, if you need an SSO customization, contact your Jive Software account representative.

IP whitelisting IP address whitelisting is available for restricting access to either the entire site or just the Administration Console. You can also use whitelisting to restrict access to certain locations, such as corporate offices. To access this feature, contact Support. For more information, see Getting started with the new Jive Support Portal on Worx.
Prevent spam in your community Everyone hates spam, and it can also present security risks. Limit it in your community as much as you can.
For implementation details, see the following:
  • Spam prevention includes several suggestions for dealing with spammers and preventing spam in your community, including a spam plugin that can connect to a third-party spam filtering tool.
  • Best Practices for Spam Management on Worx. If you're a customer, we recommend joining this private group for useful community management content from Jive and fellow customers.
Understand administrative permissions and how they work Administrative permissions can be a powerful tool for limiting who can make changes to your community.

For implementation details, see Managing System Administration permissions section.

Enable anti-virus checking Your community automatically include a module that checks files for viruses before they can be uploaded to the community.

For implementation details, see Enabling antivirus feature.

If higher data security is needed, enable Encryption at Rest Jive's Encryption at Rest module is our recommended solution for customers who need additional encryption to meet their security requirements.
Note: This is an optional feature available as a module. For more information, ask your Jive account representative.