Setting up allowed content types for spaces

You can set which content types a space supports, and hide the others.

Fastpath: Admin Console: Spaces > Settings > Space Settings

Spaces can support a variety of content types. You can enable some of the content types and hide others from users. In space actions, the links for the hidden content types are removed.

For example, you can hide Documents, and the users won't be able to select and create Documents in the space. Also, the Document link in space Actions will be hidden.

If users have created documents in the space already, and then you clear the Documents check box to remove support for them, existing documents will no longer be viewable in the space (although they'll still exist).

From this page you can set up content types only for a space you select under change space. The default content type settings for the whole community you can set from Admin Console > Content > Content Types. For more information, see Configuring community content types.