Creating community-wide announcements

Community-wide announcements are displayed for all users under Community Announcements and as banners at the Home page.

Fastpath: User interface: Your Avatar > System Announcements > Add a new announcement

You can create a system announcement to be displayed for all users on the upper right of all Activity pages, under the Community Announcements heading and above Recommendations. Each announcement is also displayed as a banner at the top of the Home Page. If multiple announcements are set to be displayed at the same time, users can click through them in a predetermined sequence.

You can preview the images and text in your announcement as you create it.

You must have Manage Community permissions to create community-wide announcements.

To create a community announcement and determine the order the announcements are displayed in:

  1. In the user interface, click on your avatar in the upper right corner and select System Announcements.
  2. Click Add a New Announcement.
  3. If you want to feature a URL in your announcement, select the Announce a link check box and enter the URL in the box.
    Jive automatically detects the page title and suggests a display title and image from the linked page. You can choose to use these or replace them with your own title and image as described in the following steps.
  4. In Title, enter the announcement title.
    This is the heading users see when deciding whether to expand the announcement, so you should make it short enough to be scanned easily.
  5. Optionally, add an image. Select the Include an image check box and upload an image.
    You can upload an image by browsing, or use drag and drop. You can see the image in preview on the right after you select it. However, it is not visible in the preview unless the Include an image check box is selected.
  6. In Description, add a short text description with further details of the announcement.
    Again, shorter is better, since announcements are designed to fit in a small space. If you want to link to further details, you can put a URL in the description text. However, you can't currently put a named link in the announcement text. To feature a URL in your announcement, use the Announce a link feature, which links the URL to your announcement title.
  7. Decide how long the announcement should be displayed by selecting a start and end date in Begins and Expires.
    Announcements start at 12:00 (AM) on the start date and expire at 23:59 on the end date, in the announcement creator's time zone.
  8. Decide whether to send a notification about the announcement by selecting or clearing the Send Inbox notifications check box.
    Users who have their Inbox: Activity preference set to provide email notifications (this is the default setting) receive an email as well as seeing the announcement displayed in Activity pages.
  9. Click Save to save the announcement.

After you save your announcement, you can return to the System Announcements page and determine the click-through order by dragging and dropping the cards. Click-through order is left to right and top to bottom. If you have rights to edit community announcements, you can edit or expire them directly by using the links directly within the announcement.

Note: Note that moderation can be enabled for system announcements in your community. In this case, the new announcements appear on the System Announcements page after they pass moderation. For more information about moderation, see Moderation.

Announcements are displayed from 12:00 (AM) on the start date and expire at 23:59 on the end date, in the announcement creator's time zone.