Exporting themes

By using the Themes interface, you can back up a copy, share, or transfer your saved themes to another Jive community by using the Export a Theme feature.

When you export a theme, the application creates a zip file that contains all of the theme's information, such as its customized colors and images. This zip file includes any images you uploaded by using the Advanced theming interface. The theme file is encrypted for security reasons, so you cannot further customize its contents.

To export a theme:

  1. Click on your avatar in the upper right corner and select Themes.
    Note that only users with Manage Community or Customize Site permissions can see the Themes option under their user menu in the upper right corner of the user interface.
  2. From the theming page, select Themes > Import/Export.
  3. Select Export, and then select the theme you want to export.
  4. Select Save the file to save the theme as a zip file.
  5. The zipped file is downloaded to your local file system.
Now, you can import the zipped theme file to another Jive community, as described in Importing themes.