Mixed-Mode Authentication

You can configure Jive so that it allows you to use SAML SSO for some users, and forms authentication for others.

Mixed-mode authentication assumes that some of your users are provisioned from a SAML IdP, and others will be self-registered or created by another method. These two kinds of users will access the application via different login pages.

To set up mixed-mode authentication:

  1. Set up SAML SSO as described in the documentation.
  2. In the Admin Console, go to Advanced Settings > People > Settings > Login Settings > Enable Form-based Login and select Enabled.
  3. Click Save Settings. This enables a dual login page, since SSO users will log in differently than non-SSO users.
  4. Go to People > Settings > Single Sign-On > Login Entry Page and provide text for each type of login. By default, the application shows the options as employee and non-employee, but you can customize the text to guide your users to the correct login.