Login pages

The Login Entry Page settings determine the initial login page wording if you have enabled externally accessible groups, or if your community uses SAML SSO, and you have also enabled form-based authentication for non-SSO users.

Fastpath: Admin Console: People > Settings > Single Sign On > Login Entry Page

If you enabled non-SSO users to use your site by using the form-based login, or you enabled externally-accessible groups, you can use the Login Entry Page settings to customize how different users experience the login page. You can use the default wording provided, or edit the wording in all the supported languages. When users access the login page, their browser settings determines which language they see.

To configure the login entry page:

  1. Make sure SAML SSO is configured in your community.
  2. Enable external groups, as described in Enabling external groups, or enable the form-based login, as described in Mixed-mode authentication.
    Now the Login Entry Page tab becomes available on the People > Settings > Single Sign On page.
  3. In Language, select the language you want to edit and change the text to how you'd like it to appear on the initial login page.
    This is the page users see the first time they navigate to the site directly, as opposed to clicking through from an invitation.
  4. If required, change the text for all the languages your users typically use when accessing your site.
    You can change the page title and the field labels as well as the explanatory text. Community user instructions and external user instructions are both displayed at the same time, in different regions of the page. You can see what this looks like, and preview any changes you make, using the Preview Pre-login Page button. Note when you design your text that your regular community users are typically logged in automatically by using SSO, while external users need to provide user name and password to access the site.
  5. Click Save.
    If you want to revert to the original text at any time, you can click Reset to Defaults.