Changing banners and images for places

You can further customize a place by changing its banner, or just changing the main place image.

You need to be able to edit a place to change the banner and image of a place.

To change the banner and image of a place:

  1. Go to your place, and then select Gear icon > Setting.
  2. In the Edit place dialog box, click Cancel.
  3. To change the place image, click the camera icon on the place image, then browse and open an image.
    The image is uploaded and set as the place image.
  4. To change the place banner, do the following:
    1. Click Edit banner.
    2. In the dialog box, select a preset banner by clicking Preset and choosing one, or click Custom to make your own.
      For a custom banner, you can upload a new banner image and set the text color and background.
      The changes are applied immediately.
    3. If required, click Reset to Previous under Custom to revert to the last saved banner.
    4. When you finish banner configuration, click Close to save the banner.
  5. Click Save to save the page changes.
The place opens for viewing with the updated banner and image.