Managing page navigation in places

You can rearrange, rename, or hide links to pages in the navigation bar of a place by configuring its page navigation.

You need to be able to edit a place to manage place navigation.

To reorder, edit or hide links in the place navigation menu:

  1. In the place, click the gear icon > Navigation to open the Configure Navigation dialog box.
  2. To reorder pages, drag and drop the page lines to where you want to see them on the place navigation menu.
    Note: The first page on the list is the landing page of the place.
  3. To hide pages, click for all pages you want to hide from the place.
  4. To show hidden pages, click for all pages you want to show in the place.
  5. To rename a custom page, click , enter a new page title, and then click .
    You can only edit custom page names and not names of other pages like Activity or Overview.
  6. Click Apply to save the changes.