Optimizing themes for mobile browsers

When planning your community theme, note that some theming options are not viewable on the smaller screen of a mobile browser. You can select Basic theming for optimal mobile browsing.

Use these tips to help your community fully support mobile browsing:
  • Set the theming option to Basic and test on a narrow screen. You can do this on your desktop browser by making the browser smaller.
  • Header logos are not supported, so we suggest you upload your logo into the Branding header and Navigation area for the theme. See the steps below for help with this.

To add a logo that is compatible with a narrow-screen view:

  1. Click Your avatar > Themes.
    Note that only users with Manage Community or Customize Site permissions can see the Themes option under their user menu in the upper right corner of the user interface.
  2. Once you are in the theming interface, click the blue dot to the left and directly under the header.
  3. Select Branding header > Logo or text.
  4. Click Image.
  5. Click Choose File and navigate to and then double-click the logo you'd like to upload.
  6. In Alternate Text, specify the alternative text for the image if a user for some reason cannot view it.
  7. Click Save Theme > Save and Publish.