Removing content items from Top and Trending

If you do not want your blog post (or other content items) feature in the trending lists of your community, you can remove this post from the global lists.

Jive uses the Recommender service analyzes content and people over a period of time and uses that data to display the top and trending lists. The Recommender counts the things users do (create content, follow people, join groups, etc.) and, importantly, how users interact with each other's contributions. For example, users liking another user's content, marking answers helpful or correct, and viewing content all count toward the trending status of a user or a piece of content. The Recommender weights the various counts in its equations, and then creates a list of users and content with the highest trending counts over a given time period.

The Recommender works globally for the whole community but some point you may want to remove your content items from the trending lists. If you use this option, your content items will not be displayed in:
  • In the Top & Trending list in the News streams.
  • On the Recommended tabs when you browse content (/content?filterID=recommended).
  • In the Trending Content tiles.
  • In the Trending Now section of newsletter emails.
You can hide items of the following content types:
  • Status updates
  • Discussions
  • Questions
  • Blog posts
  • Documents
  • Uploaded files
  • Polls
  • Events
  • Ideas

Content authors and users with the Manage Users, Manage Community, Manage System, or Full Access permissions can remove a content item from Top and Trending lists.

To remove a content item from Top and Trending lists

  1. Go to the content item.
  2. Click Actions > Remove from Top & Trending.

To add a content item to Top and Trending lists

  1. Go to the content item.
  2. Click Actions > Allow in Top & Trending.