Trying Jive

If you are trying Jive for the first time with a trial version, here is a quick introduction to get you started.

Welcome, Jiver!

Your free 30-day trial version of Jive includes the full Jive Platform (not just a lite version) for an unlimited number of users. Due to the capabilities of the cloud-delivered infrastructure, you can start with several users and scale to hundreds of thousands without ever moving to a different system.

Jive most powerful features include personalized attention streams, collaboration, and discussion features, decision-making badging, and the ability to bring virtually any web content into your community to discuss it with your team. With our native mobile apps, you can access your community on the go anytime from your mobile device.

You can learn more from an active and passionate group of Jive users in the Worx community, which you can find at

See what's new

Set up a News page for the users to see at a glance what's trending and happening in your community. The Activity streams let users see what's Top & Trending and Most Recent.

Create your own streams

Create your custom streams on the fly and filter out the excessive community activity. Your custom streams allow you to focus your attention on what matters: a particular topic, place, or team. For example, you might have streams for Executive Blogs, My Current Project, Posts from My Team, Water Cooler, and Email Watches. You can also follow your favorite tags in your streams.

To create a new stream, click New Stream in the main navigation of your News page and use the stream builder to drag and drop from a list of people and places suggested for you, or search for specific content items.

You can also add people, places, and content items to your streams whenever you're scrolling through any streams or when you're browsing through Content, People, or Places. In addition, the Recommended features that you can see throughout the application help useful content, people, and places find you. For more information, see Create a New Stream in the User Guide.

Learn how to use Jive effectively

Learn to use Jive more effectively with the Getting Started guides that walk you through typical Jive activities. Just click the bell icon next to your avatar and then Get Started in the left sidebar.

Collaborate on web content with Jive Anywhere

Bring virtually any web content quickly and easily into your community by clicking the Jive Anywhere button in your browser (learn how to set this up in the Jive Anywhere Guide). For example, you might want to discuss in Jive a specific record in a CRM system, a candidate's profile on LinkedIn, or a research report on the web. From any page, click the Jive Anywhere button, @mention the relevant folks, and then get down to social business. Stop the endless email chains and meetings.

You can also tie Jive Anywhere to more than one Jive community so that you're sharing your content with the right audience. For more information, see Adding Communities to Jive Anywhere in the Jive Anywhere Guide.

Drive business decisions

Turn a Jive conversation into a real business decision. Using actions, you can mark comments or replies as a Decision, Success, Final, or for Action. Marking for Action allows you to assign content items to yourself or others to review before Resolving the action. Content owners can mark an item as Official, Final, Success, for Action, or Outdated. Visual badges for these states help others quickly see what has been decided, assigned to someone, or finalized. Your community manager may need to enable this feature if you don't see it already in your community. For more information about this feature, see Marking Decisions in the User Guide.

Set up places

Create places in your community (if you have permissions) and choose from a list of preconfigured templates, as described in Place Templates for designing activity and custom pages for places. Templates are designed to support real-world collaboration goals including a Vendor Collaboration place for partnering with an external talent team and a Support Team Backchannel for private discussions about customer cases. If you're looking for something more general, you can try the Team Collaboration place template.

You can also add new pages to any places that you own if your community manager has enabled this feature. New place pages are fully customizable with configurable tiles for greater design flexibility and utility.

Know your impact

The Impact Metrics feature provides insight into how documents, discussions, and blog posts are received by your community, including their Reach, Impact, and Sentiment. For more information about this feature, see Using impact metrics in the User Guide.

Share and extend the platform

Community managers can hook up Google Drive and Gmail, Salesforce, Facebook, and Twitter so you can see and discuss updates from those services right in your Jive community, and share your community content with external social channels.

Scale securely with Jive

With your trial version, you can start with a small team and scale to a massive global workforce without skipping a beat. Besides, you automatically get all the latest application features and innovations, while ensuring data security and compliance.

Unlike other services that commingle your data with other companies' data, your data is isolated when you use Jive. And while some vendors hold your data hostage until you pay, you always own your data with Jive. If you want to stop using Jive at any point, you can take your data with you.

Jive Cloud is based on the same platform that runs some of the biggest networks in the world and is proven to scale to tens of millions of users securely. For more information about security in Jive, see the Trust Jive article at

Learn what's new in this release

You can learn about the latest features in What's new?.

I'm Convinced! Buy Jive application

So you've tried a Jive community and want to buy it? To get in touch, just send an email to Or contact your regional Sales office by phone: you'll find our locations around the world at

And thanks for using Jive to change your work style.