Enabling Jive Daily add-on

The Jive Daily add-on allows access to your Jive community using the Jive Daily app as the client.

Follow these steps to install and configure the Jive Daily add-on:

  1. In Jive, click your avatar and select Add-ons.
  2. In the Available tab, click Install next to the Jive Daily add-on.
  3. Click Install Now or Preview as required.

    The Preview option is available to make this add-on visible only to you for testing purposes before you make it available to your community. For more information, see Installing add-ons in the Community Manager Guide.

    As the add-on gets installed, you are directed to the Jive Daily Settings page for configuration.

  4. Click Configure Now to open the Configure "Jive Daily" dialog box, and then click Set up Jive Daily.
  5. Click Save and Activate to start using Set up Jive Daily.