Changing maintenance page

You can change the maintenance page to your own branded page by providing its URL.

Fastpath: Jive Cloud Admin > Maintenance Mode

Maintenance page is a useful tool for apprising users about planned community site outages. You have full control over the page contents — Jive only redirects users trying to access the community to the page.

To use custom maintenance page:

  1. Log into Jive Cloud Admin.
  2. If you have more than one site, select the installation you want to update from the Choose an Installation menu.
  3. Click Maintenance Mode.

    This opens the Maintenance Mode page. Under Set Maintenance Mode Redirect URL, you can see the URL of the currently employed page.

  4. Under Set Maintenance Mode Redirect URL, specify the URL of the custom maintenance page or type null to use the default page.
  5. Click Save Redirect URL, then confirm our decision.

With this change applies, users will be redirected to the custom maintenance page whenever the community site is in maintenance.