Ask Me Anything add-on

A must-have for Ask Me Anything (or AMA) sessions, the Q&A tile displays questions and answers in real time. Make it easy for users to ask questions while hosts can easily see which questions need to be answered in a dedicated interface.

The Ask Me Anything add-on adds a powerful communication channel for business leaders to Jive by allowing employees to ask questions in their name. It combines the power of Jive with a dedicated, easy-to-use Ask Me Anything interface for employees and executives (Hosts). Ask Me Anything is built for organizations in need of an effective way to run questions and answers (Q&A) sessions to build trust in leadership, align employees with corporate goals and initiatives, and learn what employees really think. Ask Me Anything empowers leaders, especially in large organizations, to communicate effectively and drive alignment on strategic initiatives and corporate goals.

How it works

You add an Ask Me Anything tile to a dedicated place, and this starts an AMA session.

Note: Only one session can be held in one place at a time.

Users who go to this place, immediately see the tile with an invitation for asking questions:

An example of Ask Me Anything tile's user view

Here the users can:

  • Submit their questions in the tile.
  • Before submitting a question, verify if a similar question has already been posted by filtering by Answered, Unanswered, or All questions.
  • Sort the questions to look up the chronological listing of questions.
  • Vote (by liking) and comment on the questions posted by others.

All asked questions are published to the place of your choice as items of the Question content type. They also are tagged. Based on these tags, you can later sort the questions into content categories.

Next is a specialized interface for Hosts – the persons who answer the questions. They don't need to configure anything, only go to Pencil icon > Ask Me Anything - Host View. This opens the Host View specifically designed for viewing and answering questions.

An example of the Ask Me Anything tile's Host View

Hosts for one or more sessions configured in any of the Ask Me Anything tiles in your Community can:

  • View all the questions posted by the users in the sessions by accessing the Host View (Pencil icon > Ask Me Anything - Host View).
  • Filter the questions in the dropdown by Answered, Unanswered, All questions.
  • Sort the questions to look up the chronological listing of questions.
  • View the questions by filtering on the relevant session.
  • View the questions based on the filter combinations. For example, filtering can be set to Unanswered, Recent questions, or questions asked in the 21-Feb RCA session.
  • Enable or disable the auto refresh the stream of questions and responses.
  • Export all filtered sets of questions with responses by using the Download icon.
Note: @-mentions are not supported in the Host View. This should be remediated in the next releases.

Terms used

Ask Me Anything, or AMA, is in interview format when one person shares information with the others in the form of questions and answers during a specified period.
AMA session
An AMA session is a defined period when the Host or Hosts answer questions from the audience. AMA usually includes some preparation time when the questions are gathered and a 'live' period when the Host answers the questions in real time.
When talking about Ask Me Anything, the Host is the person who answers questions. Each session must have one or more Hosts.