Ghost Publish add-on

This add-on allows you to author, collaborate, and publish any type of document or blog post on behalf of another employee at your organization.

Ghost Publish allows you to configure detailed publishing permissions down to the editor, author, place and expiration date, and more:

  • Schedule publishing of documents and blog posts in the future
  • Update ghost published content after it has been made live in your community
  • Ghost publish from any place in the community
  • Support content with images, videos, and attachments
  • Collaborate on documents and subsequently publish as a blog post

Figure: A secure, compliant permissions interface to ensure that a particular user can only post on behalf of another in a specific place for a given period of time

A screenshot of the Ghost Publish permission interface

Figure: Easy to use interface to ghost publish content from anywhere in the community

A screenshot of publishing with the Ghost Publish add-on