Quick Links add-on

Quick Links add-on allows community managers to create a list of applications, pages, links, directories, and tools so users can ‘favorite’ them for quick access. The accompanying tile can be placed on any page within Jive.

With the Quick Links add-on:

  • Users can search for items within this catalog and choose which they want to be able to access easily.
  • Once users favorite an item, it will show up in the Quick Links tile with other items they’ve favorited in the past.
  • Below those items that a user favorites are recommended items configurable per tile.

And community managers have the ability to configure the catalog items:

  • Display the Title, Description, Image, Launch URL, and Icon for the users to see in their catalog.
  • Support visibility rules that make catalog items only available to certain groups of users.
  • Display items in multiple languages while users view the catalog.
  • Branding to align add-on with Jive color theme.

Preview Add-on

An example of Quick Links add-on

Another example of Quick Links add-on

Preview Tile

An example of Quick Links tile

Another example of Quick Links tile