Social Group Sync add-on

With Profile Sync add-ons, administrators are able to create a series of dynamic and flexible rules which is required when striving to maintain healthy places.

The Profile Sync add-on has two versions – one geared for user groups and the other for social groups.

As many of you know, social groups within Jive are designed to allow like-minded users to collaborate in a place that is relevant to their line of work and contributions to an organization. The administration and management of groups are designed to make sure that all the groups in your community are healthy and are delivering value to your organization. Having multiple empty or poor value groups in the community makes it more difficult to focus on and manage high-value activity, and can give a poor impression to users.

There are typically two main kinds of groups – those that provide business value at a global or strategic level, and those general groups that provide less value (either because of their purpose or their audience). Invest in the higher value groups by providing them with a greater level of support, and giving them more latitude regarding their activity levels.

Space and social group managers are responsible for starting, growing, managing, and monitoring their space or group – their 'place'.

Profile Sync add-ons aim to solve a series of problems to help maintain healthy groups, including:

  • Managing membership in user groups or social groups with ease with configurable rules based on user's profile information.
  • Simplifying onboarding new employees into the correct collaboration groups without the need of manually inviting them, allowing employees to collaborate from day 1.
  • Automatically reassigning employees when they switch departments or roles within the organization – keeping your memberships up to date and honest.
  • Ensuring users have access to proper places that are most relevant to them.

With Profile Sync add-ons, administrators are able to create a series of dynamic and flexible rules, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Expressions composed of a profile field name and value, for example, Department(Sales)
  • Multiple field name and value pairs joined with & (AND operator) and , (OR operator), for example, Country(UK)&Location(London)
  • Negating rules by adding ! in front a field name and value pair, for example, !Company(ABC Inc.)
  • Employing the wildcard operator * anywhere in the field name, for example, Title(*Engineer*)
  • Adding multiple field values within parentheses using commas which denote an OR operator, for example, Location(UK,US)

An example of Profile Sync add-ons' views