Visibility Rules of JEP tiles

Visibility Rules allow you to target content of a tile to a specific audience based on profile field information, language, and user group membership.

These optional settings are available for most of the JEP Tiles.

A visibility rule determines the users, to whom the content in the tile is displayed.

Example of selecting visibility rules
  • Select Create Visibility Rule to configure who should be able to view the tile.
  • Select Continue w/o Visibility Rules to proceed with configuring other settings of the tile.

Creating visibility rules

An example of creating a visibility rule

A visibility rule has the following attributes:

  • Title: Name of the rule. Recommended to use short titles.
  • Rules: The rule is based on one or more of the following:
    • Language
    • Profile Field
    • Security Group
  • Condition:
    • Match all rules: Content is displayed if user applies to all rules
    • Match any rule: Content is displayed if user applies to any of the rules

Visibility Rule Types:

  • Language: Select a (Jive Preference) Language from the dropdown

    Setting language
  • Profile field: Specify any Jive profile field name and corresponding value. Values are case and space sensitive

    Selecting profile fields for the filter
  • Security / User groups: Provide one or multiple user group names (OR correlation). User Group Names are case and space sensitive

    Selecting security group