An example of Advanced HTML tile

An Advanced HTML may look like this.

Advanced HTML: an example of how the tile may look like
  • General Settings:
    • Title: Sample Title: Advanced HTML
    • Display Tile Title: Selected
    • Headline: Headline (center aligned)
    • Description: Describe the use case for this tile here in one or two lines. This setting is left aligned.
    • Description Alignment: Left
    • Background Image URL
    • Padding: 20px (all around)
    • Action label + URL: AureaWorks and a link provided
  • HTML: Code with JavaScript provided
      <h4>Here is a sample HTML code. </h4>
      <p id="demo">This part of the text will be automatically considered as the body of the page. No need to declare the tags < html >, < head >, or < body > tags.</p>
        <div id="demo_text"></div>
        <div id="demo_image"></div>
      <button type="button" onclick="buttonClick()" id="more">More Info</button>
    function buttonClick(){