Jive for SharePoint Online and Office 365

The Jive for SharePoint and Office 365 add-on is designed for connecting Jive communities with Microsoft Office 365 apps, including SharePoint Online.

In Jive for SharePoint Online, you can:

  • Connect Jive groups with SharePoint Online sites so that you can store all binary files uploaded to the Jive Group in the associated SharePoint document library.
  • Upload files to SharePoint online through Jive.
  • Upload files to SharePoint online and synchronize automatically to make them visible and available in Jive.
  • Use the full Jive for Office functionality for collaborative editing and publishing right inside Office.

For more information, see Setting up Jive for SharePoint Online and Office 365.

Jive for Office 365 eliminates the hurdle of working in Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations across on-premise and cloud versions of Microsoft Office. With Jive for Office 365 you can:

  • Preview Office documents in Jive as an embedded Office365 experience.
  • Go to Office 365 document editing from the Jive preview page.
  • Manage Office 365 document version history in Jive, including reverting to older versions.
  • Upload local Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) to SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business through Jive.
  • Create or upload documents in SharePoint Online or Office 365 and automatically synchronize them to Jive groups.
  • View and interact with Jive social information inside Office 365, including likes, comments, and versions, as well as marked outcomes, such as Final and Answered.
  • Reply to Jive comments within an Office 365 sidebar, and have these comments automatically synchronized and displayed in the Jive document page.
  • In real time, see who is currently viewing or modifying a document.
  • Using Jive Impact Metrics, analyze the reach and sentiment of Office 365 documents to optimize the effectiveness of your communication.

With Jive for SharePoint Online and office 365, you can also employ Jive social functionality directly from Outlook:

  • View Jive email notifications in the Office 365 Outlook web interface, and take action without leaving Outlook. For example, you can like content, reply to discussions, comment on documents, mark replies as decisions, or find related material.
  • Convert emails into Jive discussions, including attachments and embedded images.
  • View Jive profile information about people you interact with within Outlook.

For more information, see Setting up Jive for Outlook Online.