Creating places linked to SharePoint Online

To use Jive for SP Online and O365, you need a Jive place linked to a site collection in SharePoint Online. Here's how to create one.

If you already connected a Jive place to SharePoint Online, and you need to disconnect them, see Disconnecting your place from SharePoint Online.

To create a place that will store all uploaded files in SharePoint Online:

  1. Create a place in Jive by using the Create menu and provide basic place settings.
  2. Go to the place Activity page and select Gear icon > Edit activity page to get to the settings page of an existing place.

    Because of permissions complexity, we recommend using a group for most implementations.

    For the detailed procedures, see Creating user groups, Creating new space from user interface in the Cloud Community Manager Help, or Creating projects in the Cloud User Help.

  3. Next to External file storage, click Change.

  4. Under External file storage, select the name of an Office365 integration in your community.
    Depending on how your integration was set up, this could be called Office365 or SharePoint, or it could be the name of a specific site collection.
  5. Click Apply.
    This opens the Site Collection dialog box, as shown in the following image.

  6. Some communities are set up to connect only to new SharePoint sites, and some have the choice of connecting their place to an existing or a new site. You'll know by the buttons you see in your Site Collection dialog:
    • If you see a Finish button, select your site collection, then click Finish > Save. You've completed this procedure, and your place will connect to a new SharePoint site.
    • If you see a Next button, click it. You're allowed to connect to existing or new sites. Proceed with the next step of this procedure.
  7. Select a site collection to be linked to this group, and click Next.
    This opens the SharePoint Site dialog.
  8. To connect to an existing site:
    1. Under Select SharePoint site, select the site, and click Next.

    2. Select one or more document libraries to store Jive documents.

      When you select one or more additional document libraries, all files in those libraries will be synced in batch to the connected Jive place, but files uploaded to Jive will only be synced to the primary library. This may take a while, depending on the size of the libraries.

    3. Click Finish.
    Note: When you connect to an existing site, Jive does not alter the set site permissions.
  9. To connect to a new site:
    1. Under Select SharePoint site, select Create a new site.
    2. Click Finish.
    Jive creates your SharePoint site for you.
  10. Click Save to create the new place or save changes to an existing one.

With this setup enabled, files uploaded to the place will be stored in the place-linked site in SharePoint Online. Jive native documents will still be stored in Jive.