Assigning Custom Case Page Layouts

Page layout in Salesforce controls the look and feel of Cases along with visual-force pages, related lists, buttons, fields and other components that can be displayed to the User. A customized Case page layout that includes the required components is included in the Salesforce Question-to-Case package. The page layout can be assigned to specific Profiles. Components from the page layout can be incorporated into an existing page layout.

To assign the custom Question-to-Case page layout:

  1. Go to Setup > Customize > Cases > Page Layouts.
    The Case Page Layout page is displayed.

  2. Click Page Layout Assignment.
  3. Click Edit Assignment.
    The Edit Page Layout Assignment page is displayed.

  4. From the Page Layout To Use list, select Jive Community Support Layout and select the profile to which you want to assign the layout.

  5. Click Save.