Functional Overview

The Jive for SharePoint On-prem integration allows customers to leverage their existing SharePoint investment with their Jive community.

With the integration, users can collaborate on documents stored in SharePoint, utilize SharePoint security policies and workflows, and view office documents in Jive utilizing the office web-apps viewer.

The integration works by connecting a Jive place (space, group, or project) to a SharePoint site (top level site or nested sub-site). The connected site can be an existing site or a site that is provisioned by the integration. Within the connected site, the customer defines a document library that will be used as the upload target for any file uploaded in the connected Jive group.

In addition, the customer can select one or more additional document libraries that sync their content to Jive. Once the connection is made, any file action on the connected document libraries, like upload/delete/update will reflect back on the Jive connected site. And any file operation on the Jive side will reflect back on the SharePoint primary document library.

Jive will also manage the SharePoint permissions for sites that were provisioned by the integration, by syncing the Jive entitled user with their associated entitlements to the SharePoint document library.