Configuring StreamOnce with email

To set up StreamOnce, check that the StreamOnce add-on is installed in your community and then configure a group connection.

Before you start, make sure your system satisfies the requiremens listed in System requirements and Preparing for StreamOnce with email.

To set up a connection for email:

  1. Go to a group that you own that has an Activity page enabled.
  2. On the Activity page, click Gear icon > Edit activity page.
  3. Click Add external stream integration.
  4. Click Google Group or Exchange Distribution List.
    Note that once you have set up one of these stream types, you can't use the other type in this community. Another user can set up the stream if you need to use both.
  5. Click Configure, select a group or distribution list.
    If you're using a Google Group as the source, note that you need to select a Google Group that's part of a Google Apps corporate domain: individual Gmail accounts and the Groups they create are not supported.
  6. Provide your credentials, if required.
  7. Click Connect.
  8. Once your distribution list is connected to the Jive group, click Save to save the place Activity page.
  9. Send a test message to the list and make sure it shows up as a discussion in the connected group.