Disabling StreamOnce

If you're a community manager, you can disable StreamOnce by uninstalling it.

Warning: StreamOnce provides some additional features in Jive in addition to a list of stream integrations which cannot be individually disabled. Certain Jive integrations with storage providers, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, also rely on StreamOnce, and will be disabled if you uninstall the add-on. Before you uninstall it, make sure your site is not relying on one of these integrations.

To delete StreamOnce:

  1. Go to Your avatar > Add-ons.
  2. Then select the gear icon next to StreamOnce integration and select Uninstall.

Users won't be able to add new streams to a place, and existing streams added via StreamOnce won't be updated. If you've already been using StreamOnce in your community, any information streamed into a place will remain unless you delete it.