Preparing for StreamOnce with email

Before you start using StreamOnce, make sure you have a group set up in Jive and a distribution list that can stream traffic to it.

You can set up StreamOnce for email with any distribution list on Exchange or Office365 (by using Exchange 2007 or higher), or a Google Group associated with a Google Apps corporate deployment.

Attention: StreamOnce does not support Google Groups created with individual Gmail accounts. If you're doing a test implementation, you should not use your personal Gmail. Doing so can cause future problems with your production implementation.

To use StreamOnce in Jive with an email distribution list:

  1. Set up an email distribution list or Google Group if you don't already have one. As the person creating the connection, you need to have an email account that is part of this distribution list.
    Note if you're using Google that both the Google Group and the email account need to belong to a corporate Google Apps deployment, even if you're setting up a test connection. Individual Gmail accounts and Google Groups created by them are not supported.
  2. Set up a group on a Jive instance. You can make this a private or private unlisted group if you want the content you stream there to be visible only to certain users. You can also connect an existing group to StreamOnce, but you should use a group that's dedicated to the content from your distribution list.
    To connect a group to StreamOnce, you need to be a group owner or administrator in Jive. You won't be able to select groups that you don't own while you're setting up the connection.