Installing Jive StreamOnce add-on

By default, Jive StreamOnce add-on is pre-installed on every Jive Instance. However, if the add-on is not installed for your instance follow these instructions to install it. You must have application admin privileges with a valid e-mail and access to add-ons.

To install the StreamOnce add-on:
  1. Log on to Jive using an application administrator account.
  2. From your avatar drop-down list, select Add-Ons.
  3. Click the Available tab, and in the All Add-ons: Available page scroll down and locate the StreamOnce Integration Platform.

  4. Click Install next to the add-on name, and confirm the message that appears by clicking Install Now.

  5. Return to the All Add-ons: Installed page and verify that the add-on is installed: