Adding external streams to places

StreamOnce setup involves adding a stream to the Activity page of a place you own.

To set up any of the StreamOnce endpoints, you must add a stream to a place template for a group that you own (or are the administrator for). After you add a stream, you can to configure the stream with the correct connection information. This edition of the documentation provides a more detailed configuration for email integrations only.

Note: StreamOnce is licensed on a per-user basis. Before you start using it in production, you should talk to your account manager about your plans for using StreamOnce.

To set up StreamOnce:

  1. Go to a group that you own that has an Activity page enabled.
  2. On the Activity page, click Gear icon > Edit activity page.
  3. Click Add external stream integration.
  4. Click on the integration you want to add.
    The available integrations depend on your community setup.
  5. Click Configure and follow the instructions.
  6. Click Save to save changes to the Activity page.
    You should see the stream in the Activity page when you access the group after saving changes.
  7. Send some test content through the system by posting to the stream you are integrating, and check whether the content shows up in the Jive group.