Using Urgent Notifications

Members of the Urgent Notification Senders group can use the Urgent Notifications add-on to create urgent alerts inside any public or private group depending on the need and relevant people to notify them.

Sending Urgent Notifications

Note: In a public group, the notification is sent to all community users. While in a private group, only group members receive the notification.

Before you start using the add-on, make sure you meet the System requirements.

Follow these instructions to start sending urgent notifications:

  1. Go to any Public or Private group and select the Send Urgent Notification option from the Actions drop-down.

  2. Key in the Alert Header. This gets used as the title of the notification document and as the subject of the notification email.
  3. Key in the Alert Message. This is sent as the text message to the group members on their phones, and is used as the body of the notification document and email.
  4. Optionally, check Add Question to Message and key in the Question. In this case, the group members can respond to the question in the notification with either Yes or No.
  5. Click Send Notification.
    On the Confirmation dialog that appears, verify the number of users who will be sent the notification and confirm your action. After successfully sending the notification, Jive displays the confirmation message stating the same.
    Note: As this is an emergency feature, it does not check the user’s notification settings while sending notifications.

The notification is sent via:

  • Text Message (SMS) – Users are sent a text message on their mobile phone number that appears in their Jive profile field configured for this add-on.
  • (Optional) Email – Users are sent an email on their mail account that appears in their Jive profile field configured for this add-on.
  • (Optional) Voicemail – Users are sent a voicemail on their home phone number that appears in their Jive profile field configured for this add-on. This only happens when the user does not confirm the notification sent via text message or email within 5 minutes after receiving the notification.
    Note: You must save your phone number in the [COUNTRY_CODE][CITY AREA_CODE][PHONE_NUMBER] format within your Jive profile to successfully receive urgent notification text messages.

    For more information see Enabling Urgent Notifications for Jive.

As the notification is sent successfully, it is also displayed as a document within the same group in which the notification is sent. A link to this document is also included within the notification sent to users.

Tracking Urgent Notifications

You can also track it from the Track Urgent Notification page present inside the same group under Urgent Notification Status.

The Track Urgent Notification page provides detailed information on the notification. For example, the number of members who were sent the notification, the members who successfully received it, the members who replied 'Yes' to the question in the notification etc.

On the same page, you can also click the link in the Alert column to view the graphical representation of the data and to download it in .csv format.