Managing federated users

Here you find details on managing federated users.

Unfederated users are ones that exist in Jive and are solely managed by the Jive application. Federated users are users in Jive that are managed by another system, such as Active Directory/LDAP or SAML SSO.

Differences in federated users treatment in Basic User Sync

  • Federated users never receive a welcome email. This is because the password is handled by another system. Note that even if you have welcome emails turned on, federated users will still not receive them.
  • There is a special option that Jive can configure for you that deactivates any user not present in the nightly sync file. If this option is enabled, it will not disable the unfederated users in your system in order to leave local administration accounts active.
  • If you are using SAML ID as your primary ID in the CSV file, email and username will automatically be used as a fallback lookup mechanism if a user is not found.