Creating and uploading CSV file for Basic User Sync

To get user data and profile information into the Jive Basic User Sync add-on, you need to export the data from the source system into CSV (Comma Separated Values) format.

CSV file editor apps

Many people use Microsoft Excel to create and edit these files, but any application that can create a CSV file works. You should save the result as CSV format, even though Excel will try by default to save as XLS or XLSX which will not work with the sync. For more information, see Import or export text (.txt or .csv) files on Microsoft portal at

Uploading CSV files

You must upload the CSV file to the Jive SFTP server by using the address and credentials provided to you by Support.

The CSV file should be placed in the /storage/user_sync/ directory.

For the list of CSV fields and fill-in rules, see CSV file fields.

Processing CSV files

By default, only users that exist within the CSV file are processed. Any user that exists in Jive but not in the CSV file will not be modified. If you would like to deactivate any user that does not exist in your CSV file, submit a support case at Support. The support team will put in a request to have this option changed for you.

Attention: Special notes on file data: If more than one record is found for a user, only the first record will be processed. It's important to be sure that your source data is clean, valid CSV, and it is recommended that the duplicates removed before going into Jive.