Creating and Uploading a CSV File for the User Sync Add-On

In order to get user data and profile information into the Jive User Sync Add-On you will need to export from the source system into CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. Many people use Microsoft Excel to create and edit these files, but any application that can create a CSV file will work. Be sure to save the end result as CSV format, Excel will try by default to save as XLS or XLSX which will not work with the sync. Import or export text (.txt or .csv) files - Excel

Special Notes on File Data: If more than 1 record is found for a user, only the first record will be processed. It's important to be sure that your source data is clean, valid CSV, and it is recommended that the data is de-duplicated before going into Jive.

Click here to see example files on the Jive Community.

The CSV file should be placed in the /storage/user_sync/ directory.

The CSV file should be formatted to include (in order):

User Details (required)
Primary Key (Username, Email, or SAML ID)
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Enabled/Disabled flag (This cannot be blank. Each row must contain enabled/disabled,true/false,1/0 boolean values)
Username of Manger (for Org Chart)
Permission Groups (Pipe separated "|")
Profile Details (optional)
Up to 50 profile fields can be synchronized.

By default, only users that exist within the CSV file will be processed. Any user that exists in Jive but not in the CSV file will not be modified. If you would like to deactivate any user that does not exist in your CSV file, submit a support case in your MyJive support group. The support team will put in a request to have this option changed for you.

Data Formatting
Primary Key
The Primary Key must always be the first field and must contain a username, email, or SAML ID to be used to uniquely identify this user and search for it in Jive.
Dates must be formatted differently depending upon which field you are mapping to. Any Jive default date fields will be in UTC+offset standard format. Example: 1997-07-16T19:20+01:00.
Any profile field that you custom created will be in standard MM/DD/YYYY format.
Jive default profile dates like Member Since and Last Logged In are set by Jive, and cannot be synced.
Enabled/Disabled Flag
The Enabled/Disabled field is required and each row must have a value. This cannot be blank. True/False/1/0 are acceptable.
Addresses and Multi-Select Fields
Portions of the address field and other multi-select fields should always be separated by a "pipe" | (Street|Street2|City|State|Country|ZIP).
Headers and File Contents
Be sure that your Add-On settings are set to include a header if you have column names as the first row of your file. If you have data with no headers, make sure that option is unchecked. Be sure that each row of your CSV file contains valid data. Jive will not create or update users where invalid information is provided (like special characters &*,/:;? in the file).
Empty Fields
If you want to pass an empty or null value, make sure the comma delimiters are included with nothing in between them.
Text with commas
If you want to pass text that includes commas such as biographies, titles, or free form text you will need to enclose the entire field value in double quotes. Example: "Director, Support"
Note: Upload the CSV file to the Jive SFTP server using the address and credentials provided to you via a private support case in your MyJive group.