Troubleshooting the User Sync Add-On

SFTP Access: You need access to the Jive Secure FTP (SFTP) server available to customers for the purpose of uploading the CSV files for the sync process. In order to receive access, each customer (not each user) must submit a Jive Support Case to request a username and password to the SFTP server the User Sync Add-On process works with. Ask in the Support case to have your IP address whitelisted, along with the User Sync servers, and any IP address that will be uploading CSV files on behalf of your organization.

CSV File on Server: Each Jive instance has it’s own User Sync Add-On installed and configured to point to a single CSV file in the user sync directory. This file must exist on the SFTP server with the same filename in order to process. The file must be .csv and not .xls or .xlsx.

Add-On Installed and Configured: Each Add-On must be configured with what CSV file, federation options, sync enabled, and other profile field mappings in order for the User Sync Add-On to add or update users.

File Contents & Add-On Settings:

Primary Key
The User Sync process takes the Primary Key of each row (always the first column) to use as its way to look up the correct user in Jive. If the user exists, it is updated with any new information in the file. If the user does not exist, it is created.
Order of Fields
The order of the fields is important for the user sync to work correctly. See Creating and Uploading a CSV File for the User Sync Add-On
Dates must be in UTC format as per the Jive API requirements for default profile fields. Dates must be in MM/DD/YYYY format for custom date profile fields.
Bad Information
Unicode is fully supported, but the process will ignore any rows that include HTML, JavaScript, or characters invalid for the destination field (i.e. no &*,/:;?can be added to a username or an email address.)
If the Add-On settings indicate that the CSV file has column headers, then they must exist in the file for the process to work. If the settings indicate that there is no headers, none should exist in the file.
Addresses and Multi-Select Fields
Portions of the address field should always be separated by a "pipe" | (Street|Street2|City|State|ZIP|Country).