Jive in Translation

The main application has been translated into a number of languages. Users with one of these languages set as their browser version will automatically see the translated application. Users can also override their browser setting in their user Preferences.

Supported Languages

The main application supports the following languages:

Right-to-Left Language Support

*We now include Hebrew and Arabic translations of the interface and support for other right-to-left languages as follows.

  • The content editor accepts RTL text.
  • When a right-to-left locale is selected, text in documents, discussion prompts, comments, replies, widgets, tiles, and so on flows from right to left.
  • The page flow is reversed. For example, controls and field labels are right-aligned rather than left-aligned.
Support includes the core Jive web application displayed to end users, including the following:
  • Responsive mobile on a mobile browser (but not the mobile apps)
  • Search
  • Analytics reporting and impact stats
  • Events
  • Video
  • Gamification end user UI
The following areas, integrations, and features are not supported:
  • Document previews
  • Jive mobile apps (but responsive view of the application on a mobile browser IS supported)
  • Jive for Office and Jive for Outlook
  • Jive Anywhere
  • External storage provider solutions like Box, SharePoint, Google Docs, and Dropbox
  • Spell checking