Adding images to places

If you have create permissions in a place, you can add images to it. Once you add an image to a place, you and other place members can view it and use it in collections.

Tip: Collections are based on an image's tags, categories, and author, so it's a good idea to tag and categorize your images when you add them.

To add images to a place:

  1. You can add images to a place in one of the following ways:
    • From the Images tab of the place: Select Images > Add Images.
    • From the Edit menu: Select Pencil icon > Files.
    • From the Actions menu: Select Actions > Files.
    This opens the Upload Files dialog box.
  2. Click to select files to browse to the image or drag and drop the image file.
    Note: You can upload multiple images at once. To bulk upload, select or drag and drop multiple files before moving onto the next step.
  3. Add tags and categories to your image.
    If you are uploading multiple images at once, any tags and categories you select are applied to all images you are currently adding.
    Note: Tagging images and adding that tag to the collection's tag filters may help you to quickly gather images to a collection.
    Your image or images are automatically displayed in any collections that are gathering the tags and categories you selected. They also appear in the All Images collection.

Now you can manage the uploaded images. For more information, see Creating and editing image collections, Sharing collections, and Managing collections.

  • To add an image to a collection, add a matching tag or category to the image and the collection.
  • To remove an image from a collection, remove the tag that is shared by the image and the collection.
  • To delete your image from your community, select Delete from the Actions menu of the image.