Assigning a Place Template

When you assign a Place Template to an existing project, space, or group, you get a preconfigured Activity page that contains the tiles and layout included in the template.

Assigning a Place Template to a place only affects the Activity page in that place. It changes the selection of tiles on the Activity page and the order they're displayed in.

Warning: When you assign a new Place Template to a place whose tiles have been configured, you lose any configuration in the tiles. For example, if you created a People list, it will be wiped out and replaced with empty, unconfigured tiles, even if the new Place Template includes a People tile. The exception is that Salesforce authentication will persist if you apply a different Place Template that uses a Salesforce connection.

To assign a new Place Template to an existing place:

  1. From your place, click the gear icon > Configure activity page.
    Note: You can also click the gear icon > Settings or click the info icon > Edit. The Edit Group page opens. You can make changes to this information now if you want, but it's not required. Click OK.
  2. Click Browse Templates in the top left.
  3. Choose a Place Template for this place.
    Place templates determine what tiles and streams will provide the layout and data for your group's Activity page. Choose the one that's right for the kind of collaboration that will happen in your place.
  4. Click Apply Template.
  5. Click and configure each tile that requires it.
  6. Click Apply in the tile dialog.
  7. Click Save to update the place with your changes.