Awarding badges and points

You can award other community members a badge to recognize their contributions, and even give them some of your status points.

If your community manager has enabled Jive Rewards, you can celebrate and thank other community members by awarding them badges, and optionally some of the status points you've earned yourself. Badges show up on the Rewards page, and the community member receives a notification that explains the reason.

To hand out a badge and optional points:

  1. Go to <your_community_url>/rewards.
    You can see the available badges at the top of the Badges tab.
  2. Select a badge.
  3. Start typing a person's name in Give to, and select their name. You can only give one person a badge at a time.
  4. In Add a personal message, type a brief thank-you message, or explain why they're getting the badge.
    For example, you could type "Thanks for answering so many customer questions!" This message is shown on the Rewards page and in the notification the user receives.
  5. If you want to give points with the badge, move the points slider. Points are removed from your community total and added to theirs. Point levels affect leaderboards, but won't affect any missions that have already been earned.
  6. Click Give Badge.